Gold Bridge Express position itself as a freight forwarder; our main mission is to organize successful international transport operations, for companies that request our support.

In the times of globalisation, trade liberalisation and tight local markets, going global is mandatory. However, it’s a delicate process where the stakes are very high, especially when it comes to logistics and transport. Consequently, partnering with a reliable freight forwarder is a must!

Gold Bridge Express enables you to carry your business forward and empowers you to both ease and expedite your import/export operations, thereby making logistics a key lever for your growth.
Thanks to our smart and optimized solutions, we garantee you time and cost gains and we offer you the best prices on the market, on top of an unquestionable quality of service.

As an international transport organizer, Gold Bridge Express is commited to deliver you a customized logistic solution, based on your sector, targeted locations, for both import & export. We provide guidance in choosing the right mode of transport, be it air freight, ocean freight or overland transport.

Since its inception up to this day, Gold Bridge Express  has succeeded in creating a network of quality partners from shipping and airline companies to overland transport experts. We are also a member of a network of experienced agents constantly availabe to help you accomplish your transport operations and assist you at any level of the Supply Chain.

At Gold Bridge Express, we harness our expertise and effective means and do whatever it takes to deliver your goods, irrespective of the dimensions, volume, but also the mode of transport, transiting by sea, air or road.

Not sure which solution fits your business needs?